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There are now two levels of the William Wallace Tooker Photographic Collection prints available for purchase.


Large format silver gelatin prints were first offered for sale in late 1976 and were printed at Modernage in New York City. These prints are classic heirloom prints which required appropriate mounting and framing. Today quality professional framing is as costly if not more than the print itself. As photo printing technology advanced the original glass plates were professionally scanned and restored in 2009. These current prints are printed on modern archival fine art photo paper on an Epson Inkjet printer. However, they do require professional framing.

There are three prime reasons to offer two different levels of Tooker prints. First is the further advancement in photo print technology consistent with high quality and archival requirements. The second, it more readily allows me to complete my vision and mission for Tooker’s photographic work. It will now be affordable to everyone and his photographic work will be more widely exhibited and appreciated. Third is delivering a product for the changing marketplace.


A few of the classic images identified below have scanned from original glass plate negatives and been completely restored to create large format fine art reproduction (24 X 30 AND LARGER). They are:

  • Beebee Windmill, 1887

  • Fanny J. Bartlett Shipwreck, 1894

  • Beached Whale, 1891

They were selected because of their dynamic visual impact, historical significance and high reproductive quality. Although others have been completely restored only these three are currently being offered in large format.


Tooker Photo Collection is in collaboration with Kathyrn Nadeau Framing Sudio at 34 South Etna Avenue, Montauk, New York. Please stop by or be reassured of high quality framing if ordering on-line. The three smaller house images are not part of Tooker Collection. Shipping is available.


For clients or researchers that may want images not identified for sale can e-mail or call me at 707.433.7452 to discuss desired use. There is no fee for academic, non-profit, educational or personal use and only minor fee for large commercial use.

The prices reflect:

  • No sales commissions
  • No gallery cost
  • Shipping, handling and taxes included.


Tooker Premium prints are printed from the same digital file but on different paper and material most notably Aluminum. These images are either completely restored or have been slightly modified with simple restoration techniques such as cropping out discolored edges, eliminating cracks, adjusting brightness and contrast and, rehabilitating the greyscale to present a more attractive appearance for viewers. These photos are printed on high quality photo paper, Gicle'e canvas wraps, metallic paper and metal which are far more affordable than the hand printed fine arts prints.

For the discerning collector images from the original glass plate negatives are available as well as contact prints from the 1960's.




Metal photo printing highlights a new medium for presenting and preserving photographic images in  high quality fine art. A pressing process infuses the color dyes directly into specially engineered aluminum sheets. There is no reduction or loss of quality than the best of fine art paper. For the black and white and sepia toned Tooker plates the quality is astounding or it wouldn’t be offered.

The key features:

  • NO Framing. Save hundreds of dollars and install in 5 minutes.

  • UV resistant.

  • Not breakable

  • Tear resistant.

  • Archival Image Stability

  • Great vibrance and resolution.



At a Glance (from Fuiji website)

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Digital Pearl Paper marks a new era in the printing of high quality glossy digital images. Pearl-like crystals give silver halide color prints a specific luster, creating a distinctive pearl-like appearance, sure to capture viewer attention! PEARL paper was designed to meet the growing, diverse demands for commercial prints and enables photographers to expand their customer print options.



  • Capability
  • Benefit
  • High D-max
  • Boasts a wide tonal range, producing prints with a rich textured quality.
  • Purer Whiteness
  • Enhances the freshness of the image and is an assurance for clearer, more distinct images and a sharper text quality.
  • Vibrant Color Reproduction
  • An expanded color reproduction range with high color saturation make PEARL ideally suited for commercial applications.
  • Excellent Image Stability
  • The highest level of image stability makes PEARL ideal for display purposes.

PEARL paper contains a very special component: pearly mica crystals. Based on the natural mica, they are covered with a thin layer of metal oxides, for example, titanium dioxide. Through an interplay of transparency, refraction, coating and multiple reflections, one can discern silver-white and metallic reflection effects. These lend pictures such an intense warmth and depth; they become a true sensation for the eye.


These images are over 125 years old and the glass plate dimensions may not fit standard format’s such as 11 x 14. To preserve the intregrity of the image and the fact that there is extremely little to crop these images may require framing if you acquire a paper print. No problem for canvas and metal prints.

Special Price for U.S. Military and Great Britain Residents

U.S. Military.To honor U. S. Military members an additional price reduction is offerred for appreciation, dedication, sacrifice and service to America. Includes all branches of services active, inactive and retired. E-mail or fax a copy of service card with matching signature when placing an order.

Great Britain Residents. In honor of William Wallace Tooker's English ancestry and to English designers and craftsmen who built the great smock windmills on the South Fork. A little bit of thanks and recognition to our cultural heritage. This provides a chance for Great Britain residents to collect a piece of photographic art of English influence on early America.

The Fine Art Print Reproduction Process

The digitizing of 120-year-old glass plates negatives into a digital file for fine art reproduction printing is a complex process. Always with the final master print in mind it is a quality assurance and quality control process. There a four major technical and time consuming steps to achieve a final print; scanning, imagining, paper selection and printing. The entire Tooker reproduction process is quality controlled by one person on one printer. 

In brief, what the scanning process does is convert "information" that is readable on the glass negative which is described in terms of "grain" in grayscale variations. By using an electronic flat bed scanner the "grain" information is converted to an electronic "pixel."

Technical Information

The Tooker glass plates and existing copy negatives were electronically scanned using specific professional scanners and  imaging software. They are printed with a custom sepia tone on an Epson 9880 with K3 ink jet technology on Museo Silver Rag fine art paper, 100% cotton fiber, no optical brighteners, archival rated, 300 GSM.


  • The sepia tone you view on the computer screen will be different than the actual print. The print is a light brownish/cocoa tint.
  • Actual print sizes vary slightly from standard sizes such as  11x 14 and maye require professional framing if you order a paper print.

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Each Fine Art print comes with:

  • Purchase agreement
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Tooker Bio overview
  • Image description
  • 10 day 100% refund excluding return postage and insurance.
  • 100% replacement for any defects. (Has never happened).

Prints are insured and delivered via US Parcel Service, UPS ground or FEDEX. Large prints maybe shipped in a 8" heavy weight mailing tube.Orders are processed for print production within 24  and usually mailed in 3-4 days.


A Certificate of Registration is filed with United States Copyright Office in the Library of Congress, Washington, DC.

To Order Prints and Payment

You may purchase by Pay Pal or check. For efficiency, security and privacy I do not accept credit or debit cards.

Official PayPal Seal

  • Select "Purchase " at the lower right corner of selected image.
  • Select print size and " pricing options" .
  • Select size,price and options and select "Buy Now" which takes you  to " Shopping Cart."
  • Fill in required infromation for credit/debit or your select "Pay Pal" if you have an account. You will receive via email a receipt in 5 minutes.
  • All shipping,handling and taxes are included in price.

International Orders

Contact Kevin J. McCann vial e-mail.

Contact information:

Kevin J. McCann

P.O. Box 962

Healdsburg, CA 95448

(O) 707.433.7452

(F) 707.433.7450

Email: kjmccann@tookerphotocollection.com


Kathryn Nadeau Studio

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